Martha Ray Willis

About the piece Spring:
Spring, 2024
Martha Ray Willis
60 x 48 inches

Spring is waking up early to listen to the birds singing. Spring is waiting on peonies to pop, counting the blackberry buds, checking to see if the robin eggs have hatched. It’s turning on some tunes, walking barefoot in the yard, getting your hands in the dirt. It is making lemonade and counting watermelon seeds and lingering at the fence with neighbors til dusk. Spring is planting tomatoes, sweeping the porch, driving the long way home with the windows down. A happy hour, a new book, an iced coffee on the patio. It is the urge to finally give the car a good cleaning, the weeds a good pulling, the tub a good scrubbing. It is fireflies and the perfect breeze and “Maybe grab a light sweater.”

It is our earth, practicing resurrection in real time, life from death and it is nothing short of pure glory.

This piece is an invitation. It’s an invitation to pause, notice, and take heart in all that we have been given to marvel at, to enjoy, and to participate in as our world wakes up around us and bids us to come and play.

Price: $1970

Meet the Artist:
Martha Ray Willis is a self-taught artist who has spent time practicing in the creative realms of photography, paper design, digital branding, and mixed mediums, ​gathering over 15 years of experience in various expressions of art.

As she has narrowed in on acrylic work, she currently spends most of her time in the areas of abstract and landscape art, in preferred palettes of earth tones and natural hues. She gains inspiration through everyday moments – relationships, Biblical themes, current reads, seasons of wrestling, and stories of hope. Her work is freeform and heavy in texture, with layered mediums that bring a complexity and unique depth to each piece.

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Watch Our Visual Walkthrough.


Watch Our Visual Walkthrough.